olive oil dry nose

Olive oil for dry nose

The worst times of the year for people suffering from a dry nose are winter and spring.

The cold winter arrives and the low temperatures become a constant, the nasal mucosa becomes dry and the air does not get in well. Sometimes this causes nosebleeds, headaches, or even difficulty falling asleep.

In spring, those of us who suffer from some type of allergy suffer daily because of having a drier nose than it should be.

This nasal dryness is also aggravated in dry environments. Inland areas are more likely to cause this effect than coastal areas. Let's not forget the hormonal changes of our body, they also contribute to the drying of mucosa.

Are you also one of those people who suffer from a dry nose? Have you noticed lately that you have a drier nose and it is difficult to breathe? In this article we will see a home remedy that will make life easier for us.

Can I put olive oil up my nose?

There is a very simple trick which is to use olive oil to hydrate the nose.

It is very simple, you just have to dip the fingertip in a little olive oil and carefully spread it on the nostrils, the deeper the better. You can use gloves if you prefer.

To finish, gently massage the area to make the oil spread as much as possible. This will create a film of olive oil on the inside of the nose that will keep it lubricated and hydrated, allowing you to breathe without difficulty.

This home remedy was already used by our grandmothers, the wisest and most expert in matters of home remedies.

We highly recommend that you don't use any olive oil for dry nose, some don't even smell good. Use an Extra Virgin Olive Oil that has the best aromas, that has nuances of green herbs and fresh fruit and above all, you will benefit from the excellent properties that olive oil has for the skin.

For people who are undergoing chemotherapy, it is a very advisable trick, due to the changes that these treatments cause in the mucosa.

This is a natural and homemade remedy that will relieve you and make you feel more comfortable, if you know someone who has a dry nose, Recommend it to them! He will thank you.